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SRC is a member of SiddiqShafi Group. With over 60 years of industrial experience, we are focused on delivering innovative and technology based solutions while maintaining its commitment to honesty & consistency. SRC leading portfolio of specialty chemicals delivers a broad range of technology based products and solutions to clients for Leather, Shoe, Textile, Adhesive, Water Treatment and Fruit Preservation. We have extensive portfolio of over 350 products.
We aim to be benchmark in the market for delighting customers, better quality, innovation and diversity of our products. We will expand both specialty chemicals and basic chemical manufacturing through marketing of customized products. Our Engineering and trained & experienced manpower particularly marketing and technical staff is our strength. We will provide the backbone to our industry by progressively substituting imports of industrial chemicals with quality and competitive products. We position ourselves internationally by entering into new alliances, expanding the export markets and achieving the perceived value of our products and services in the eyes of our customers.



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Stall No's: Hall # 2 - H2-A47, Hall # 2 - H2-A48

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