INERZ automotive pvt. Ltd

Tel: +92 3345048454




Address: Al-Malik Complex 11D Jinnah Avenue, Block F, Blue Area, Islamabad


Company Profile

Electric vehicles are rising in popularity because of higher fuel price. In addition, battery technology has improved, making this form of transportation more practical. Moreover, the maintenance costs are negligible compared with the additional oil changes, tune-ups, and all other maintenance costs of an internal combustion engine vehicle. INERZ is Pakistan's first Electric Vehicle research, design and engineering company focused on bringing creativity and innovation in the aesthetics and overall functionality of an Electric Vehicle.



INERZ has developed 3 Electric Vehicles, the electric bike, a 3-wheeler vehicle commonly known as 'Rickshaw' in Pakistan and a four-wheeled Light Speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV). The LSEV would be ready by 2020.

Stall Information

Stall No's: Hall # 2 - H2-A40, Hall # 2 - H2-A33

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