Meralastik Rubber & Engineering Products

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Address: Madina Town G.T Road P.O Batapur 53400 Lahore


Company Profile

Meralastik Rubber and Engineering Products was formed in the year 1980 as a producer of rubber and rubber metal bonded products with main focus on auto parts. Through the years the company has acquired state of the art technology and employs one of the finest man / machine mix in the field of rubber and related engineering parts.
Having a global foot print ,Meralastik enjoys a strong export after market and a sizeable domestic OEM market share. Often enough ,Meralastik has employed reverse engineering and extensive R&D to develop rubber and rubber metal bonded parts for a number of national institutions like the aviation industry, Pakistan Railways and defense institutions falling in public domain.
Amongst the domestic automotive OEM market ,Meralastik caters to commercial , passenger and two wheeler vehicles.




Axle Boot, CV Boot, Cabin Bushes, Cabin Grommets, Center Bearing Rubber, Diaphragms, Flexible Coupling, Engine Mounting, Exhaust Mounting, Strut Mounting, Suspension Mounting, Transmission Mounting, Suspension Bushes, Transmission Bushes, Torque Rod bushing, Radiator Hoses, Oil Seals & O-Rings etc

Stall Information

Stall No's: Hall # 1 - H1-PM42, Hall # 1 - H1-PM41, Hall # 1 - H1-PM49, Hall # 1 - H1-PM50

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