SIWA Industries Pvt. Ltd

Tel: 03219448831

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Address: Plot No.6, Opp. Amir Road, Ring Road, Bhamma, Shadbagh, Lahore.


Company Profile

Siwa Industries Pvt. Ltd is a pioneer manufacturer and assembler of different kind of CNG and Petrol (gasoline) based 4 stroke Euro II auto rickshaws (3-wheeler) as brand name “SIWA”. Siwa Industries Pvt. Ltd was incorporate in 2008 as a Private Limited.
The manufacturing facilities of SIWA under the name of Siwa Industries Pvt. Ltd is located at Shadbagh, Bhamma, Ring Road Lahore between NiaziShaheed and MehmoodBotti Interchanges..
The company is focusing on the quality and performance of the products through constant innovation to satisfy the valued customers/clients. We are proud of that our brand is recognized as a symbol of quality in respective brands. We intend to continue this reputation to remain ahead of competition.
We believe in working hard to provide the products of the highest quality at competitive price within the range of our valued customer budget.
We have also back up and service centers with skilled persons in all major cities of Pakistan to provide technical assistance and after sales service to the customers.
We are registered with all concerned government departments.


Manufacturers & Assemblers of 4-Stroke CNG Rickshaw & Loader


3 Seater, 6 Seater, Loader, School Van & Motorcycle Loader

Stall Information

Stall No's: Hall # 2 - H2-S4, Hall # 41 - H1-R3

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