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Company Profile

MGA established by a team of dedicated and devoted professionals of automotive engineering under the dynamic leadership of Malik Muhammad Aslam. The firm took flight of success by dint of unrelenting endeavor by her founders.Today, MGA is fully capable to respond the challenges of rapidly growing industry of automotive parts ranging from lavishing cars to agricultural vehicles.
Some Main Highlights of MGA are

Manufacturer of More than 700 Different Auto & Agricultural Parts
Specialist in Hand Brakes, Exhaust Silencers, Assembly Parts and Sheet Metal Parts.
Training Programs for Employees
Incentives on Suggestions and Progressive activities
Ideas are admired at every stage
Focus on brain storming and quality circles
Young and skilled Team players (Avg. Age 25 Yrs.)
Leading Exporter of Automotive Parts
Established QMS with emphasis on Documentation
ISO 9001:2008 certified
Strong organizational culture with high values and ethics
Socially responsible organization
Continuous focus on Research & Development
Since its establishment in 1979 with slogan, "vision to explore", MGA Industries has enjoyed the exceptional growth and receive great recognition as one of the leading quality oriented Automotive and agricultural components.

Because of superior quality of our products and customised services, MGA has setup its reliable business partners in more then 15 countries and has provided MGA products to world market through their local business partners expanding its sales network To meet large demand from its customers. MGA constructed its new production facilities with automated equipments.



Exhaust Systems, Lever Parking Brakes, Chassis, Fuel Tanks and Sheet Metal Components

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Stall No's: Hall # 2 - H2-A12

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