Pirani Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.

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Email: imran.lhr@thepower.pk

Website: www.pgc.com.pk

Address: 298 H/3 Johar Town Lahore


Company Profile

Under the grand umbrella of Pirani Group of Companies Pirani Engineering is a key project that help Pirani's motorcycle manufacturing plant and 4-wheeler & 3- Wheeler plants with various parts including motorcycle engines.
Located at Hub Industrial Estate, Baluchistan, is not only fulfilling our own requirements but providing auto parts to other assemblers of motorcycles as well. Pirani engineering is Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000.
Sheet Metal Dept manufactures parts of auto rickshaw and motorcycles including Fuel tanks, Chassis frame, Front & Rear Fenders for motorcycle and Rickshaw Chassis Upper Show, Side Panel, and Front Show etc.
Press department has more than 35 press machines with the operating capacity of 50 tons to 600 tons, along with Shearing machine/ Decoiler and Straightener facility.
Die-Casting Division is involved in casting of Aluminum auto parts for engine like Crank Case (left and right), Crank Case Cover (left and right), Hub (rear & front), Pitch assembly and Levers. It has machines for casting range of 120 metric ton to 850 metric ton with a capacity of 400,000 engine production per annum.
CNC Department has established with latest state-of-the-art equipment for machining and testing of die casting parts through computerized automatic system. The testing is done through X-ray machines. Pirani engineering is the first Company in Pakistan which is using X-ray machine for this purpose that scans all aluminum engine parts exclusively.
Pirani engineering also has CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) for quality checking, digital leak testing, roughness tester, accurate measurement of engine parts, and tool master to check the height and profile of the tools.
Pirani Engineering not only fulfilling the motorcycle Engine demand for their own brands like Super Power & Power but helping other brands as well with the production of Approx 1000 Engines per


State of the Art Modern Automobile Technology


Motorcycles Engines, Shock Absorbers, Panel Plates, Fuel Tanks, Rickshaw Body, Rear & Front Fenders

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Stall No's: Hall # 40 - H3-F21, Hall # 40 - H3-F19, Hall # 40 - H3-F20

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