Meraj Industries

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Address: 14 KM Multan Road Lahore


Company Profile

MERAJ INDUSTRIES was set up in 1996, and its goal was to manufacture the plastic parts and components for the local automobile assembler. The manufacturing of automobile plastic Parts requires high precision in dimensional accuracy and strict Standards set up by automobile industry.
To meet these high Standards of accuracy and precision MERAJ INDUSTRIES has Imported the most modem injection plastic molding and blow Plastic molding plants from japan, and a team of highly experts Plastic engineers has been organized. Now with the grace of Allah MERAJ INDUSTRIES is fully equipped to meet the grace of demand for the plastic parts from the automobile industries in Pakistan.


CAD CAM, CNC Machining ,Die Making ,Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Quality Assurance.


Duct Assy, Inst, Washer Tank, Reserve Tank, Box Battery, Front Nose (CNC Rickshaw), Duct Intake, Fender, Cover Battery, Pad Protectors.

Stall Information

Stall No's: Hall # 1 - H1-B16, Hall # 1 - H1-B17

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