Oditer motor cycleparts pvt ltd.

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Company Profile

Oditer Import & Export Co Ltd,is an internationalized China -based integrated trade and whole sale company,well known as ''Oditer''in many countries across the world. ODITER PAKISTAN; Is located in heart of motorcycle market in Lahore ,has been established in 2013. Intellectual property of Oditer brand products belongs to Hangzhou Oditer Import & Export CO. Ltd,Oditer has been successfully established a sales network of dealers and wholesalers all over the main cities in pakistan,to guarantee that customers having easy access to Oditer"s high quality products with complete satisfaction key product of Oditer in Pakistan are motorcycle chain,sprocket,cylinder,piston,brake pad,clutch disc,lock set,switch kit,spoke,cable and bearing etc which mostly produced in Taiwan,Thailand,Malaysia and Japan.


No.1 in China with innovative sprocket fine blanking of ''Once--Punch -Forming''technology.


Key Products Chain, Sprocket all kind of big and small industrials Chains.

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Stall No's: Hall # 1 - H1-B6

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