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Address: Office no. 3, Floor no. 4, Shaheen Complex, Egerton Road, Lahore


Company Profile

Founded under the name of Turkish Engine Industry and Trade Corp. in 1976, TÜMOSAN is one of the first diesel engine producers in Turkey. It is one of Turkey’s leading tractor and engine producers with a deep-rooted history of 39 years.
The company, which produces 45,000 tractors and 75,000 diesel engines annually in three shifts a day, has three- and four-cylinder engines varying between 50 HP and 115 HP, as well as more than 260 different tractor models in 11 serials. With thrust force varying between 2WD and 4WD, cabinet and taut engines in the same power category are suitable for use in farms and orchards.

TÜMOSAN is one of the few producers to successfully comply with EU norms and use its own engines in its own tractors. TÜMOSAN aims for a continuous change to achieve perfection and high quality in production and satisfy all customer expectations. TÜMOSAN has an array of qualification certificates that ensure the quality of its products.

TÜMOSAN is subsidiary of Albayrak, one of the leading groups of Turkey active in various sectors today such as Construction, Industry, Logistics, Service Industry and Media- publishing a popular newspaper and a TV Channel.
In Pakistan, the company has been rendering its services in Waste Management (Lahore, Rawalpindi and Murree), Construction and Transportation since 2012. Albayrak started its transportation operations in April 2012, currently running CNG buses in Lahore, Metro Bus Lahore operations from February 2013 and Rawalpindi/Islamabad Metro Bus from June 2015 onwards. Moreover under Albayrak, a modern and state of the art Taxi/cab system has been introduced in Lahore since February, 2016.


TIER III compliant Engine, TURBO Charged engines with intercooler for more power and fuel efficiency, Dual speed PTO, Synchromesh Transmission (12×3), Higher lifting capacity, Offering front weights with frame, platform, auxiliary valves, combination meter, luxurious seat, canopy frame, etc. as standard accessory, Available in 2WD and 4WD versions, Sheet


8000 Series (8075, 8085, 8095) and 8100 Series (8175, 8185, 8195, 8105)

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Stall No's: Hall # 40 - H3-FF11

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