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WenAn Machinery Group is a professional OEM supplier and after sale market partner of the Chinese automotive industry, which focus on manufacturing, research and development, distributing and after sale services of engine components, we provide a comprehensive range of cylinder heads, accessories, camshafts, bolts and other core components of engines for cars and motorcycles.

WenAn was found in 1997 in Chongqing, which was the biggest city and manufacturing hub of west China. In 2015 there were over 2 Mio. Cars and 8 Mio Motorcycles produced in Chongqing. Among this, WenAn plays a important role as a tier 1 supplier for some car manufacturers like BAIC Motors, Lifan Motors, SOKON Industry and key partner of after sale market for Mitsubishi Motors, Volkswagen and Ford. After years of cooperation wit h our partners, we’ve gained a huge success and progress of manufacturing, quality control, R&D to meet our expectation: To be a global player of the automotive industry.

Our professional and modern plants locate in Yinxiang Industrial Park, Hechuan, Chongqing. The whole plants cover an area over 150,000㎡,which includes 16 highly modernized production lines equipped with CNC machines and robots, plant for casting equipped with 5 automatic casting lines for more than thousand process units, quality control area with advanced equipments such as spectrograph, casting sand analyze, tension tester and 3-Coordinate. We obtain a perfect combination of hard and soft competence for our customers.
WenAn Group hires more than 1700 employees, which includes 1300 skilled workers and operators, more than 100 engineers and senior engineers, a professional management team with over 90 employees who are responsible for production, quality, facility, human resource and CSR.
Since the very beginning, we focus on establishing our quality system which compiles the system of ISO9001,TS16949,TUV, to make sure WenAn’


CNC-machines, casting robots, melting furnace, shot blasting equipment, heat treatment centre and casting technology.For development of new OEM products, we use latest updates of professional software like UG6.0, Solid Works, CATIA V5,CAD and other software for design and development.


automotive cylinder, motorcycle cylinder

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