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Company Profile

Millat Group of Companies comprised of Millat Tractors LTD (MTL) (Parent company) assembler of Messy Ferguson Tractors in Pakista, Millat Equipment LTD (MEL), Bolan Castings (BCL), Millat Industrial Products LTD (MIPL) & TIPEG INTL.
Millat Equipment Limited (MEL) is one of the leading manufacturing organizations in Pakistan producing high quality transmission gears and shafts. The company acquired Gear manufacturing setup from M/S ACGO LIMITED – UK (owners of the Massey Ferguson brand of tractors) with and understanding to buy back the transmission components after meeting the local requirement of AGCO Licensee in Pakistan – (M/S Millat Tractors Limited).

Bolan Casting Limited (BCL) is a foundry which has, a) Duplex melting consisting of Twin cold blast cupolas and coreles induction furnaces, b) high pressure moulding line, c) New sand preconditioning plants, d) Resing coating plant, continuous mixe, shell core machines, silicate/CO2, cold box core machines, e) Shot blasting, heat treatment and painting, (f) Complete inspection, testing and quality control laboratory equipment.

Millat Industrial Products Limited is a lead acid battery manufacturing company knows for its quality products. The plant equipment and technology was acquired from M/s Jungfer Battery Technology of Austria (European Technology). Millat Industrial Products Limited is a subsidiary of Millat Tractors Limited manufacturers of Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan.


MEL-wide range of Gear Hobbing, Shaving & Shaping machines include CNCs, Heat Treatment Facility, State of the art Metrological & Metallurgical Lab. BCL-Duplex melting consisting of Twin cold blast cupolas, sand preconditioning plants, Resing coating plant. MIPL- Lead Oxide Plant, Grid Casting, Plates Dry & Washing,


MEL-Gear Transmission components, Hydraulic Pump, Balancer Unit and Crown Wheel & Pinion for tractors. BCL- FIAT Front axle Support, MF Fly Wheels, Nissan & FIAT Hubs, Brake Drums, Master & HINO BKTs, Bomb Shells. MIPL-Vide range of Lead Acid Batteries for Automotive & Home Usage (UPS).

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Stall No's: Hall # 2 - H2-S3

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