Chairman PAAPAM

Muhammad Ashraf Shaikh
Chairman, PAAPAM

Muhammad Ashraf Shaikh, PAAPAM

With immense pleasure, I once again would like to welcome Pakistan and the international auto industry to the 16th edition of the Pakistan Auto Show 2020. PAAPAM has been striving year after year to attain a high level of expertise and bring to Pakistan and its exhibitors a world-class expo. We have expanded our product profiles and sponsorship opportunities in line with the growing demands of our valuable exhibitors and sponsors, and this year I am more than excited with the offerings that we bring to the show this time around. This PAPS annual event has provided a strong platform for introducing Pakistan’s Automobile Industry to the world. Every year PAPS showcases the engineering achievements of Pakistan’s auto industry and highlights the fact that Pakistan is one of those fortunate countries that has a vibrant automobile manufacturing industry.

I assure you that, given the promising environment, the automobile industry will flourish and contribute to the country’s economic growth and development by creating jobs and raise revenues through increased growth of the industry. PAAPAM is constantly striving to do better, and with your support, feedback and participation, I have no doubt that the Pakistan Auto Show 2020 will be perhaps the biggest expo in Pakistan. 

Engr. Azhar Ali

Engr. Azhar AliThe Pakistan Auto Show 2020 is an ideal platform for local players in the industrial sector to showcase their products and services to larger markets. This will also groom them to market their products and services efficiently and effectively, both in local and international markets. I am really grateful to the Auto Engineering Family to provide me with this opportunity of steering the association read more

Syed Nabeel Hashmi
Chief Organizer, Pakistan Auto Show 2020

It gives me an immense pleasure and gratitude to once again welcome Pakistan and the rising international auto industry to the 16th edition of Pakistan Auto Show 2020. Pakistan auto show always has always kept “Innovation and people orientation” as its basic service concept, forging ahead with determination and innovative spirit. PAAPAM has been continuously striving for delicate, read more