Product Groups

Parts & Systems

Automotive components, spare parts and accessories are one of the largest theme areas at PAPS 2020

Ideally complemented by the product offer in the “Tuning” section, which grows with each event. These synergies are particularly interesting to visitor groups, such as vehicle tuners/ customizers, car repair workshops and dealers as well as automotive parts and accessories.

The product group in detail:

Accessories & Tunings

The international trade platform for the sector and a subject that is sure to catch attention and get visitors' hearts beating a little faster: car accessories, special equipment, tuning, performance systems and design upgrades. Tuning in particular is a product group that grows bigger with every show. The product group in detail:

Repair & Maintenance

Everything to do with body and paint State-of-the-art equipment is becoming increasingly important for the repair segment. The product group in detail:

Allied Industries